Music Teacher Brings Brazil to Wohlwend Elementary

The students held a special concert and parade in honor of Carnival.

Rich samba and bossa nova beats echoed through the halls of Monday as the school's second graders hosted a Brazilian musical concert. 

Music teacher Renato Durante said he was inspired to bring the Brazilian culture to his students after seeing the movie "Rio."

The children sang in Portuguese, performing three songs in front of family and friends.

"Portuguese is quite a different language from Spanish," Durante said. "Even for me, it was challenging, but kids at that age are able to pick up it quicker."

After the concert, the second-graders paraded around the school in true Carnival fashion. Students from other grades lined the hallways in masks they had made. A St. Louis-based world percussion ensemble, called Joia, led the students around the school and then stuck around for a jam session. 

"We're lucky that we have a Brazilian percussion group here in town. It's a great way to bring professional musicians to our second-graders," Durante said. 

Denise March 13, 2012 at 01:46 PM
Congratulations to Mr. Durante who is being recognized as one of Wohlwend's Teacher of the Year!


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