Oakville Man Receives Reward for Finding Missing Child

An Oakville postal worker found a missing child from Wohlwend Elementary School.

An Oakville postal worker received an award Wednesday after he found a missing child from .

On Feb. 25 2011, Ray made his daily mail stop at the school and learned that an autistic boy had been reported missing from the playground. The 30-year postal veteran assisted in the search and found the child at a nearby chapel, curled up for warmth.

Ray alerted the police and the child was safely returned to his family.

For his actions, the U.S. Department of Justice honored Ray with the Missing Children’s Day Citizen Award.

Deputy Attorney General James Cole awarded Ray at the National Missing Children’s Day commemoration in the Justice Department’s Great Hall Wednesday.

“Protecting children is one of the most important jobs we have,” Cole said in a justice department release. “There is no rest for a parent who has lost a child, and there should be no rest for any of us who are in a position to help. I am honored to recognize those who work on the front lines to rescue children and bring them home safely.”


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