QuikTrip Move Opponent Creates Online Petition

He said his personal goal is the safety of the children who go to Maplewood Richmond Heights schools.

A Richmond Heights resident has made an online petition to collect signatures for those against the QuikTrip move.

Jeff Kiefer said besides the obvious goal to stop 's relocation to the northwest corner of Manchester Road and Big Bend Boulevard, "my personal goal is to make sure that the development of that property be one that is safest for the children of MRH."

He said the proposal would create much more traffic on Martini Drive and back up in through the school's neighboring streets.

"Today it is hard enough to park a visiting football team's bus on Martini," he said. "Try managing safety on a Friday night during a game, a play or a dance with the traffic or delivery semis that will be along Martini on a game night."

He said others have their own reasons for not wanting the relocation to happen.

Kiefer said he's getting the word out to collect signatures by word of mouth, Facebook and email. As of midnight, Thursday, there were 140 signatures on the petition.

The Maplewood Planning and Zoning Commission gave the move its approval with a 3-2 vote at its July 2 meeting.

The Maplewood City Council will consider QuikTrip's rezoning request at its Aug. 14 meeting, but will not vote then. There will be a public hearing on the proposal that night.

Go to Keifer's online petition against the Maplewood QuikTrip relocation.

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Jeff Kiefer July 11, 2012 at 03:33 PM
Not a bad idea Babsgarcia, crossing only at city hall. Would have to get some input from some folks and it may be the way to go if we cannot get QT to alter their plan. I also agree with you that the property really needs development. But making the children cross at city hall won't address the 195 cars (qT's projections) that will be turning onto Martini and an unknown number of them traveling north on Martini congesting the alley, campus and the neighborhood there. Still your idea may become part of a solution. Keep thinking like you are, creative solutions will make this work....it will also help overcome stalemates that will lead us to a bad development and ill will amongst otherwise well intentioned neighbors. But reasonable, creative people like you can help our city, school and QT leaders to overcome that. Let's not give up.
Babsgarcia July 12, 2012 at 06:36 PM
Thanks Jeff... I just hope all work together before running off a decent corporate citizen. As far as the additional traffic into the neighborhood, I have to say that I had those same concerns when the Walmart/Sams/Lowes was put almost in our backyard--nobody really cared outside of our small corner of Maplewood. And if I am completely honest, my initial concerns about "all that cut thru traffic we'd get" -- which I pounded my chest over at city hall -- never has materialized. For the most part, Martini is an alley after all...if people cut through to get to big bend, they'll be cutting through an alley, then making a right to the light and then out to Big Bend. Making it a one-way, or putting a "no thru traffic" with a visable police presence to kick off the new configuration could send a message of what is tollerated around the school. Just speaking from experience and the world I experienced when our loved home was put into the path of a Wal-mart when we never in a million years thought that was an option... I learned change comes, and nobody cares about what I think is bad until it impacts them directly
Jeff Kiefer August 11, 2012 at 10:32 PM
While walking some neighborhoods today getting sugnatures for our petition opposing this QT plan I knocked Gary Holt's door. Knowing i was there to talk about Quick Trip but not knowing who I was he invited me in. As we talked we realized we had talked about QT already via the discussion thread above. We had a great chat and a laugh or two. We agree on a point or two and disagree on a few as well. I post this here to promote the notion that two people who seem to mostly disagree can find ideas and solutions if they seek to understand eachother, embrace disagreement or differences and debate respectfully. Today we are constantly fed via the national media that such heartfelt respectful debate is not possible. Gary and I are one small proof that this is not true. Thanks again for the visit today Gary. You are a class act.
Gary E Holt August 11, 2012 at 10:43 PM
Thanks for the kind words, Jeff. (I have a small tear in my eye). I couldn't agree more with your comments about getting along with one another. Keep up the good fight.
Dachelle September 05, 2012 at 07:38 PM
So, to prove a point...from the window in my office on Manchester by Sutton, I just watched a teenage girl walking from the school almost get hit by a car while trying to walk across the street in the middle of the block because she was joking with a boy. Luckily the boy saw the car and no one was injured. Can you imagine how that driver would have felt had they injured her because of her own carelessness.


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