Wohlwend Elementary Entertains Bethesda Southgate

The singing visit was one of several trips around Oakville today.

Accelerated Singers group performed on a mini-tour field trip today at several Oakville locations. After a morning warm-up and rehearsal, the fourth and fifth grade students started their tour at their home school, Wohlwend Elementary.

After the concert assembly, the singers boarded the bus and headed to Bethesda Southgate Nursing Home. Once the performance at Bethesda was over, the group headed out for a McDonald’s lunch.

Renato Durante, director of the Accelerated Singers, said that he has put together groups to come to Bethesda in the past.

“This is the second year where I’ve taken a select group of people out in the community,” Durante said. “It always meant more to me (as a child) to perform to more than just my parents.”

The final performance of the day was at Mehlville High School, culminating in an exchange concert with Mehlville students.

The Accelerated Singers are a non-auditioning group who meet between a half an hour to an hour each week, either before or after school.


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